Visually Draw Qualified Prospects Into Your Opportunity

A great franchise website inspires trust, confidence and credibility

A great online presence is the next best thing to a great physical location. It showcases your entire opportunity. A dedicated franchise website is where Qualified Prospects will spend the most time before they engage.

At its best your online presence is often a highly visual, engaging and interactive version of the story told in your Franchise Disclosure Document. Qualified Prospects should encounter a rich assortment of words, numbers, pictures and video woven together to persuade and encourage engagement.

A great franchise website will be visited again and again by a Qualified Prospect truly interested in your franchise opportunity.

At this early stage, Qualified Prospects will read well written and organised long copy. Your headlines and subheads should draw Qualified Prospects in. Skimming and surfing multiple pages is OK at first. The good ones come back.

Recruitment Reports No Franchisor Should Live Without

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By Dugan Aylen

These reports showcase important aspects of recruitment activity. These critical performance metrics are often scattered; if available at all.

Franchisee Lead Generation Secrets Revealed

How to Evaluate, Select and Manage Lead Generation Websites

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By Dugan Aylen

This informative ebook contains 51 little known lessons, tips and secrets to mastering lead generation website performance.

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