Having a good system in place to allow you to receive and manage leads effectively is absolutely critical to setting up a good franchisee recruitment process.

Good basic systems will automatically import leads generated online and automatically send out follow-up emails as a minimum.

Better systems will also allow note inputting, basic email tracking, basic reporting and be available online from anywhere.

The best systems will allow advanced lead import and tracking, lead scoring, lead nurturing, text messaging, advanced reporting, advertising and marketing budget analysis, task scheduling and reminders, document uploads, a range of online qualification forms and much more!

A good system may save you 10 minutes per lead overall, a better system 20 mins and the best systems will easily save a franchisor 30 minutes for each and every franchise enquiry they receive over the life cycle of that lead.

To put it in perspective, if you generate 100 leads per month, a great system would save you 50 hours a month!! How do we know? Read My 12 Year History of Lead Handling

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