Leads Go In; Qualified Prospects Come Out

Dugan Aylen

Dug has specialised in everything to do with franchisee recruitment for the last 10 years and has a passion for helping franchise companies find the right profile of franchise owner, as well as ensuring that potential franchisees go through the right process to ensure they also come to the right decision. Dug has worked with many franchise companies, improving and implementing franchisee recruitment systems to ensure success in this key area of their business.


Brian Duckett

Brian is chairman of The Franchising Centre. He writes regularly for the UK franchising and business media and has presented at several seminars and workshops, including those arranged for The Institute of Directors, The Confederation of British Industry, The British Franchise Association, The International Franchise Association and British Franchise Exhibitions. Internationally, he writes regular features for franchising magazines in the USA, Europe, Australia and India, and has spoken at several franchise conferences on five continents. His book “How to Turn Your Business Into The Next Global Brand – Creating and Managing a Franchised Network” was published in the autumn of 2007.


Bill Pegram

Bill is a founding Director of The Franchising Centre and has been in franchising for over 25 years. He was first attracted to the concept of franchising because, having run his own small business; he understood and related to the idea of small businesses benefitting from the branding and support of a franchisor. Bill went on to be the UK Managing Director of a major international franchise and has since advised many franchise businesses in all aspects of franchising. A qualified marketeer, he also acts as Marketing Director for The Franchising Centre.


Paul Monaghan

Paul is a professional retailer with over twenty-five years of franchising experience, including the set-up, training and support of the largest chain of retail shoe franchisees in the UK. As one of the Founding Directors of The Franchising Centre he has been involved in consultancy projects with a wide range of companies. He has special responsibility for the development and delivery of training through The Franchise Training Centre. He has been a Visiting Lecturer in Franchising at Bristol University and has delivered the Finance Module at Middlesex University Business School’s ‘Summer School in Franchising’. With Brian Duckett he is co-author of ‘How to Turn your Business into the Next Global Brand’.


Pam Gordon

Pam Gordon has a background in finance and business development. After university she worked for four years for HSBC Asset Finance in business development and account management. A banking career gave her a great grounding in sales, customer service, staff and project management.

In 1999, she began her franchising career working with Carewatch Care Services as Franchise Development Manager and grew the franchise network from 60 franchisees to 120 in just four years. In 2003, Pam worked as Co-Director in setting up The Essential Business Guide (Brighton & Hove) which was a book and directory giving start-up advice and support to small businesses in the area.


Alan Wilkinson

Alan has 20 years’ experience in franchising and has held positions in Recruitment, Franchise Management, and National Sales. He has been involved with several UK franchise start ups, including running a pilot operation himself. Alan has also been a franchisee with two franchise concepts. Alan obtained the Diploma in Franchise Management from The Franchise Training Centre in 2000.


Mark Holland

Mark has a wealth of franchising experience gained working for more than ten years at Director Level within many well-known franchise brands. Specialising in taking a hands on approach in Operations, Sales and Marketing Mark’s skills have brought success to businesses as diverse as van based domestic cleaning through to premise based retail or business to business models. Having successfully brought to fruition new franchise systems and recruited new franchisees, Mark has the experience to assist those looking at franchising as a credible and profitable form of business expansion.


Derek Knaggs

Derek is the main IT and systems guy, but he does not fit the typical stereotype…He is extremely client-friendly, an excellent problem solver and great team player! Whether it’s finding solutions for system integrations, setting up telephone systems, playing with hardware or software, Derek is your man!

Derek is sport mad and plays Ultimate Frisbee in the summer months since he hates the cold. His passion for golf leads to many dreams about little white balls. Derek is loyal and hates letting people down, so usually doesn’t, unless of course there is live sport on TV.

Katie Snelling

Katie is the creative one! – a graphic and web designer who lives with her husband and two young children by the sea in North Norfolk, UK. Anything we get involved in that requires something looking nice, Katie will put it together…from websites and email design to social media portfolios, she does it all and more!

Katie brings a creative perspective to the business that is absolutely essential.


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