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When we engage with a franchisor it’s usually because they’re frustrated with the results they get for the effort they put into finding new franchisees. However, while their frustrations are real the source of them can be a bit more complex.

Over a decade of franchisee recruitment we’ve learned that managing an effective pipeline requires several inter-related activities to fire in sync. They include:

1. Franchise opportunity story-telling that excites and persuades people to give you a look

2. Spending lead generation budgets in the right places to create enough new leads to meet your goals

3. Recruitment methods that rapidly identify unqualified leads

4. Solutions that only find and present Qualified Prospects to your recruiters

Our core solutions will produce new franchisees if you consistently generate new leads. If that’s a problem we can help.

In those situations, we help Clients develop the marketing assets needed to sustain a strong recruitment pipeline. We improve and manage lead generation programs, build dedicated recruitment websites and fill in storytelling gaps to make sure Qualified Prospects get your whole story.

Lead Generation Management
Ideal for franchisors with limited to no marketing support
Includes evaluation, placement and management of top of the pipeline lead generation concepts, messaging, channels and budget

Dedicated Franchise Recruitment Website
Ideal for franchisors who want to rethink their story and its online presentation 
Includes strategy, wireframe, copy, design of a dedicated recruitment website

Storytelling Edits and/or Development
Ideal for franchisors who want to augment their storytelling content using our strategic content template
Includes filling in story gaps to deliver the information most desired by people exploring online.

Recruitment Reports No Franchisor Should Live Without

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By Dugan Aylen

These reports showcase important aspects of recruitment activity. These critical performance metrics are often scattered; if available at all.

Franchisee Lead Generation Secrets Revealed

How to Evaluate, Select and Manage Lead Generation Websites

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By Dugan Aylen

This informative ebook contains 51 little known lessons, tips and secrets to mastering lead generation website performance.

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